Monday, March 14, 2011

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cancun Baby!

Our flight from Denver to Cancun! We are so
excited to get to the sunny beach! Where's Julie?
Oh, my big head is in the way!


Amy, Julie, and Kristy

Dolphin Discovery

Kristy with Flipper

Funny moment, I guess

Amy getting smooched by Flipper. She was the
brave one

Julie with dolphina

This was really fun. I have never
touched a dolphin before. They feel
like sandpaper.


Kristy holding Jaws Jr.

That shark was heavy! It was a Newt Shark,
they "told" us it didn't have any teeth, but that
didn't take the fear away as it was swimming
around us.

Puerto Aventuras! It doesn't get any better than this!

Me and Amy on the beach at the Omni Hotel in
Puerto Aventuras. We went here almost every
day and rented a lounge chair at the beach for
60 pesos ($5). It was the best! We ordered
the chicken Nachos everytime we came. Nachos,
Nachos, Nachos...couldn't get enough Nachos.

In the Warm Ocean

My Dad's pool...

And our view from his house!

XPLOR ("sh"plor)

Me, My Dad, and Amy at Xplor. This place was
Amazing! It had 13 continuous ziplines. Some of
them into water. It also had an ATV course, self-
piloted. You would drive through the jungle and
down in to caves with water. We also swam through
senotas (underwater caves). It was a must-do!!!

Here is finish to one of the ziplines!

We loved the helmets


It was REALLY windy!

Our guide's name was Moroni. Yes he was a
Mormon! It was fascinating learning about the
ruins from that perspective.

We drove the golf cart around Puerto Aventuras.
And Julie would chuckle every time we got on it :)

The Monkeys!!!

I named this one Dylan, cause this is about
what its like at home!

They walked all over us and cuddled up just like
our kids. It was really fun!

Try to pick out the monkeys!

Amy and my Dad with the monkeys

The Monkeys love Patty!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cousins Halloween Party!



Halloween Fun!

Angela Banana, Curious George and the Man
In the Yellow Hat

Halloween Party with Friends

West Family

The Rodriguez's

The Hooleys

Desiree and Mason

The Ashments

The Bells

Pretty EmmaMinnie